Education for corruption-free society

Application of best practices in curbing corruption

One of the best methods in addressing corruption is the use of best practices. The following story is the evidence of this argument:

Several years ago serious epidemic disease was spread in one of the distant villages of Viet Nam. The Government sent expeditory team to investigate the root causes of the disease and to eliminate them. The group managed to cure the disease with the help of medications and vitamins. However, just in few months the disease returned back.The Government sent another expeditory group to the village that was tasked not to cure the disease, but to study the experience of those who remained healthy among diseased people. The Group revealed that those who remained uninfected used certain greens and fishes from the shore of little lake that is located on the way from school to the village. The Group tests this method on all infected inhabitants of the village with the result of rapid recovery. Forensic examination of the greens and fishes revealed that they contain certain minerals that create immunity against the disease.

This story testifies to the fact that addressing the negative things within society, including combating corruption should not be limited with only addressing the root causes of the problem, but also application of best practices of those who remained positive among negatives.



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