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"Biggest corruption cases" - 2. Disgrace of Gijon

The Disgrace of Gijón refers to the 1982 FIFA World Cup football match played between West Germany and Austria at the El Molinón stadiumGijón, Spain, on 25 June 1982. The match was the last game of the first-round Group 2, with Algeria and Chile having played the day before.

With the outcome of that match already decided, a win by one or two goals for West Germany would result in both them and Austria qualifying at the expense of Algeria, who had beaten West Germany in the first game. After 10 minutes, West Germany took the lead. Thereafter, neither team scored, and few scoring chances were created, along with much own-half passing and few tackles: with both sets of players flamboyantly missing with apparently no attempt at accuracy whenever they shot on goal.

Many spectators were not impressed and voiced their disgust with the players. Angry Algerian supporters waved banknotes at the players. The match was criticized even by the German and Austrian fans who had hoped for a hot rematch of the 1978 World Cup match, the so-called "Miracle of Córdoba", in which Austria had beaten West Germany; one German fan burned the national flag in protest.

Although the existence of obvious agreement between Western Germany and Austrian teams on the result of the game, FIFA refused to investigate the case as it was up to the teams to play however they want, even though by this agreement interests rights of millions of spectators were abused.



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